Choosing where to study is not always easy. This choice is based on your personal and professional goals and desires. At Mseru Secondary School, we believe that our school's features will meet your expectations.

Our teachers are of the highest calibre 
Our Teachers are Ex Teachers of Stanley secondary School and are the Reason to Stanley's Success who made it to rise in ranks in the NECTA Results of Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (CSEE) over the years as shown in the table below.

YearRegional RankNational Rank
200811 out of 106 schools156 out of 1643 schools
200912 out of 158 schools111 out of 2259 schools
201012 out of 200 schools108 out of 3197 schools
201114 out of 215 schools158 out of 3108 schools
201214 out of 226 schools120 out of 3396 schools
201313 out of 238 schools121 out of 3256 schools
20146 out of 101 schools27 out of 2097 schools
20158 out of 233 schools84 out of 3452 schools
201611 out of 230 schools90 out of 3280 schools

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Quality Education and Practical skills 
Learn basic skills and the latest trends from education experts who hold professional degrees in education. Class sizes are small, so students receive personal attention and can engage in thought-provoking and stimulating discussions. We provide you with practical skills and knowledge that can immediately be put to use.

Our teacher's material goes above and beyond 
Our teachers provide extra information, and more in-depth explanations, so that you'll know not only what you should do, but also why you should do it. We provide even much more practical activities, so you will be familiarized with the skills you learned and be able to relate and apply immediately.

English speaking environment 
Mseru Secondary School provides you with a wholly English-speaking environment. From the moment you enter our school to the time you leave; you will only hear and speak English. An English-speaking environment will help you improve your English skills and gradually build your confidence when you are speaking the language.

We care 
At MseruSecondary School we care about your progress. Our teachers assess students' progress comprehensively and regularly. Our unique progress tracking system and individualized service ensure that you will meet your learning objectives.

Competitive rates 
Mseru Secondary School gives the best education available with competitive rates that is value for your investment.

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